Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Sharing some of my dyeing & sewing achievements from the last week after my exhibition !  

Developing Karim Klothing further so appreciate your feedback

Last week I made this dress from some of my dyed crepe silk pieces 

I think I'll have to keep this one myself as it feels great with one my seude wrap belts   

    I also did my screen print over one of the large scarves that I dyed magenta & red

Pretty pleased with this nightdress I sewed together from the 2 scarves

Can't wait to give it to my friend's daughter for her honeymoon

Looks good even from the inside.   It's so easy so now I need to make lots more  !

Couldn't let any dye go to waste, so I recyled an old white skirt 

Pity it's too small for me now & have to give it to my daughter

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