Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Why use colour Yellow

We all know that it represents happiness and fun and after some research I found out that the traditional yellow colour meaning is that of inspiration. So yellow can stimulate new ideas, creativity and clear thinking.  Also mentally, emotionally and physically yellow can act as a tonic or pick me up. Yellow is connected with the Element of Air, the direction East, the zodiac signs of Libra and the Sun.
By choosing to use yellow, it shows that your mind is receptive to receiving knowledge and is positively alert to gaining new insights and skills. But beware, apparently however too much yellow can over stimulate the brain and lead to hyperactivity and anxiety. It is suggested to try and focus on what you feel is a priority at this time, as it may also indicate an overly loaded mind needing clarity and a logical stepped approach.
On reflection as a Libran, I now understand why there has been this strong impact of the colour yellow has had on my art, particularly this last year of the Black Water Dragon.

Watch for my next blog with yellow going into orange colours as well !


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