Wednesday, 9 January 2013

It's soooo cooool to use hot Encaustic Wax

A fantastic 


with Nancy Stockmann in Maleny

The real  'GOLDEN ' girl demonstrating burning holes in waxed paper

Wow what a neat workshop table setup with all the equipment, materials & tools

Demonstrating with a R & F hot plate & wax mediums

Monoprinting with wax mediums on papers 


               What do you think of these Encaustic pieces I also did there ?


                    "Poles Reflections" wax medium on textured paper with bark  

                                        "Dark Skies" collage & medium on photo

"Beach Trees" monoprint on rice paper

    "Stradbroke Hideaway" Encaustic wax medium photo & paper collage on ply board



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